Clean Energy - Makana Pacific Construction
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We use the most technologically advanced, energy-efficient, and reliable products available on the market today. From Photovoltaic Energy to Solar Hot Water and Battery Backups, our goal is to reduce your home energy use as cost-effectively as possible using on-site renewable energy systems. Our “whole-house” approach will you save money and help you become energy independent.



Just when you thought owning a solar system in Hawaii was out of reach, we’re introducing the RESU Battery System by LG. The RESU Battery System integrates with your PV Solar System allowing you to store surplus energy on-site without feeding power back into the electrical grid, limiting your overload risk and shortening the permit process to an average of 30-60 days. It also acts as an Emergency Backup Power source during outages.



We know that maximizing your energy tax credits is part of the solar installation incentive, that’s why we’ll assist you with submitting the proper paperwork and understanding all of the available tax options.

Hawaii homeowners can take advantage of BOTH Federal and Hawaii State tax solar incentives, saving up to 65% on a solar system purchase. Tax Credits reduce tax liability dollar-for-dollar – like a gift card for paying your State or Federal income taxes. Up to 65% of the cost of a system can be covered through Federal and State tax credits.